Management Systems

Empower farm managers to adopt professional farm management systems

Financial Success

Equip farmers with skills and tools to manage finances with excellence

The Future

Position family farm businesses to transition successfully to the next generation.

Meet Dick Wittman

I am a firm believer in the preservation of the family farm as the preferred entity to manage and steward our food production industry. This belief has been a primary driver in motivating me to help family farmers adopt more professional management practices. Many struggling farmers are quick to blame government interference, low prices, uncooperative lenders, foreign subsidies or greedy and indiscreet neighbors for all their problems.

In fact, much of the blame in their failure to achieve full potential rests with their management system and practices. Improved performance, teamwork, and quality of life is easily attainable if one develops a clear vision of how to incorporate improved management practices and invest in the effort to change.


Equip your family farm business for the future, today.

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