Below are newspaper and magazine articles written by a variety of authors. The articles cover topics ranging from the importance of establishing standard operating procedures in business to farm succession planning, and from cap-and-trade legislation to tools in financial analysis.

Back to School by Dick Wittman for Farm Futures
Why financial skills matter more than ever

Back to the Ranch by Pam Henderson, Beef Today
To mix family and farming successfully, you first have to take care of business.

By the Book by Bryce Knorr, Farm Futures
Putting standard operating procedures for routine tasks in writing keeps employees on track.

Change it Up  by John Russnogle, Top Producer
A management overhaul demands action

Do Whatever it Takes by Frank Lessiter, No-Till Farmer
After analyzing production costs, weather expectations and anticipated supply and demand for nine crops, four family members determine each year’s cropping mix.

Do You Have the Right Stuff? by Bryce Knorr, Farm Futures
Test your performance on key farm management practices – but don’t be surprised if you fail.

Estate Planning Pitfalls by Mike Wilson, Farm Futures
10 things not to do when transitioning your farm

*Extend Your Farm Career as Board Chairman  by Dick Wittman for Farm Futures
The job that waits after you hand off management to the next generation

*Family Council Committees: A Call to Order  by Barbara Spector, Family Business magazine
Some family councils create a committee structure to accomplish major tasks more effectively

Finding Mr. Right by Mike Wilson, Farm Futures
Do you know who will take your place? How to find the next CEO for your farm business.

*Fine-Tune your Management Engine  by Forrest Laws, Farm Futures
Better skills can help farms continue into the next generation

From the Boardroom to the Barnyard by Bryce Knorr, Farm Futures
This DuPont model protects your bottom line with financial analysis.

Gear Up for Someday by Ed Clark, Farm Journal
A long-range business plan is key to success

Go with the Flow by Christy Couch Lee, Farm Futures
Cash flow planning can take a good business to the next level

*He Loves Farming, But Feels it’s Hopeless by Mike Wilson, Farm Futures
Conflict resolution. Farm wife looks for answers to the silence between husband and son.

Help with Accounting by Dan Looker, Successful Farming
Great resources are here to help strengthen your farm

*How to Let Go of Control by Dick & Cori Wittman for Farm Futures
5 ideas to help transition business to the next generation

Keep Your Voice at the Table  Interviews by Jeanne Bernick, Top Producer
Is Cap-and-Trade Legislation Good for Agriculture?

Little Changes, Big Results by Sara Schafer, Farm Journal
Standardize and document the processes on your farm for improved efficiency

*Mentor-Mentee Relationships Offer Endless Value by Sara Schafer, Top Producer
Early-career farmers can avoid some mistakes and strengthen areas of weakness with the sage advice that comes from having a good mentor.

Mind Your Numbers by Ed Clark, Farm Journal
Knowing per-bushel, per-acre and per-field costs help farmers meet price uncertainty head-on

The Multiple-Member Family Farm by Maggie Van Camp, Country Guide
Multiple generations and multiple siblings and cousins can make today’s farm virtually unbeatable, providing you manage the farm to tap into that strength.

My Best Mistake – The “Honesty Imperative” by Jeanne Bernick, Top Producer
An “Honesty Imperative” Changed My Business Life

No Sticker Shock Here by Marcia Taylor, DTN- The Progressive Farmer
Early peeks at state health exchanges show deep discounts and tax credits could offer welcome relief for many farmers and their employees.

The Numbers Activist by Dan Looker, Successful Farming
Promoting better numbers for the field and the livestock pen

Plan of Attack by Bryce Knorr, Farm Futures
Like a general preparing for battle, farmers need an operating plan

Planning for Farm Success by Barb Duckworth, Western Producer
Many multi-partner farms fail because members do not commit to a business plan, cannot get organized, do not divide responsibilities or pay out money fairly

Positioning Your Ranch for Business Succession by Dick Wittman and J.D. Radakovich
What to do BEFORE estate planning

Preplan a Partnership Split by Marcia Taylor, DTN- The Progressive Farmer
Buy-sell agreements offer harmony when partnerships hit discords, disabilities, death or retirement

Rude Awakening by Mike Wilson, Farm Futures
Crop budgets for 2014 may be jarring. Better cost analysis lets you make marketing decisions with confidence.

SOPs to the Rescue by Jeanne Bernick, Top Producer
Standard operating procedures help get rules in writing

Strategic Plans Start at Top by Dick Wittman for Farm Futures
As CEO and board chair, you are best suited to lead strategic planning for your business.

*Succession Planning vs Estate Planning by Dick Wittman for Farm Futures
Family businesses struggle to differentiate between succession planning and estate planning. Both are critical strategic issues that merit thought and action.

Survival Skills by Lorraine Nelson, Lewiston Morning Tribune
Early review and importance of TEPAP program

The Pathfinders by Pam Henderson, Top Producer
When you can’t see the forest for the trees, a farm business adviser can be your guide.

Thinking the Unthinkable by Dick Wittman for Farm Futures
The time to plan for death or disability is before it happens.

Too Busy Ranching to Plan by Holly Foster, National Cattlemen
Strategic planning should be something you try to focus on within your operation daily.

Tough Questions by Dick Wittman for Farm Futures
Some sticky issues to consider, for family both on and off the farm

Two Decades of Learning with TEPAP by Jeanne Bernick, Top Producer
Instructors reflect on TEPAP’s changes through the years

*When Daughters Succeed their Dads  by Barbara Spector, Family Business magazine
Review of “Father-Daughter Succession in Family Business: A Cross-Cultural Perspective” written by Halkias, Thurman, Smith and Nason

*Who Needs a Family Employment Policy? by Dick Wittman for Farm Futures
Family employment policies are a key tool to addressing who can be considered for employment and under what terms

*Who’s on Your Advisory Board? by Curt Olson, National Cattlemen
Know what it is you want your advisory board to do, and put the right team together

X-Ray Vision by Bryce Knorr, Farm Futures
The skills you need to see a profitable future; the importance of adopting professional management practices

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